Buying Organic

Buying your food organic is a new concept to some. It’s becoming much more popular to buy foods organic. What should you buy organic? What’s OK to not buy organic?

What is Organic?
1. Organic food is grown or raised by a producer who used methods that minimize the negative impact on the environment.
2. It is produced on land free of known and perceived toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years prior to certification. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used in production.
3. Crops are rotated from field to field. Cover crops are planted (like clover) to add nutrients to the soil and to prevent weeds.
4. Organic meat, poultry, and eggs come from farms that use organic feed. They don’t give any growth hormones, antibiotics, and allow animals space and freedom.

What to Buy Organic
1. Meat. Animals are treated more humanely and eat a better diet. This is ultimately much better for you.
2. Milk and dairy products. There are no growth hormones or antibiotics in the dairy products.
3. Eggs. They are lower in fat and higher in vitamins and omega-3s.
4. Fruits and vegetables that require you to eat the outside. Even after washing the skins of non-organic fruits and vegetables, pesticides can still be left behind. If it can be peeled, it is probably okay to eat non-organic.

Another Option
If possible, rather than buying organic foods, try to buy sustainable foods. These are foods produced from local farms. Sustainable food does not require any certification, but allows you to be able to ask the farmer questions about how the food is grown or raised.

Response: Why do you think it is/is not important to buy organically? Are large organic farms still somewhat industrialized?

The Issues: Organic


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